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Olympus 40-150mm & Lumix 35-100mm Shoot Out

Olympus 40-150mm & Lumix 35-100mm Shoot Out by the omnipresent boys from Calgary TCSTV. As people get their hands on the new Olympus lens, we’re starting to see more and more comparisons being performed. This one is by the two guys from The Camera Store TV in Calgary, Alberta. They…

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Full Frame Nikon or MFT Lumix Mirrorless?

Virtually any camera you update to is going to be a big step up from your D200. Great camera in the day but it is now considered old. Since you have been shooting the D200, a DX body, I’m guessing some or all of your lenses are the DX versions?…

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The dry lake bed behind a a beautiful grove of aspens in full fall colors. Nikon D600 24-70mm

The Lumix Diaries Canadian Rockies Fall Colors Tour

The Lumix Diaries Canadian Rockies Fall Colors Tour. Below are twenty five of my favorite pictures. September 27, 2014 Just arrived at the gorgeous Delta lodge in Kananaskis Country of Alberta, Canada. We left Calgary early this afternoon and had an hour drive into the fabulously breathtaking Canadian Rockies. We arrived…

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Consumer Reports rates digital slr's ratings and reliability

Consumer Reports Rates Lumix Cameras The Very Best

Consumer Reports Rates Lumix Cameras The Very Best and Panasonic’s Lumix brand is helping prove my prediction that 2014 will be the breakout year for mirrorless cameras. I’ve been predicting 2014 would be the year people finally start to realize that mirrorless cameras in general and Micro Four Thirds in particular are…

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A mother Jaguar comes down to the river to drink as one of her two cubs look on. Lumix ZF1000

The Lumix Diaries: Adventures in the Pantanal (Continued)

The Lumix Diaries Adventures in the Pantanal (Continued) is an update to what I started writing a little over a week ago. I had high hopes of being able to keep up with photography, helping our Explorers, and writing the Blog during this time. Alas, I’m a bit behind on the…

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A pair of Jabaru storks on the river back in the Pantanal, Brazil.

The Lumix Diaries: Adventures in the Pantanal

August 2, 2014 – Pantanal Brazil The Lumix Diaries Adventures in the Pantanal. It’s our first full day at the lodge in the Pantanal of Brazil. I’m here with a group of enthusiastic photographers who are part of our Brazil Pantanal Jaguar Wildlife Photo Expedition Invitational Photo Tour. Before I left…

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Snowy owl, female flies in to nest with red phalarope. Alaska.

The Lumix Diaries: Adventures in Alaska

The Lumix Diaries Adventures in Alaska post is a compilation of a recent month long shoot in our 50th state. I’ve chosen not to write a day to day description since a lot of wildlife and nature photography can be very boring and uneventful. What I have included are the highlights…

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Mother snowy owl and her young on the nest.

Panasonic Updates Firmware for Lumix GH4

Panasonic updates firmware for Lumix GH4 which is to improve video performance. It’s a big file to download, and being in Alaska I may not be able to get it due to my Internet connection. Last night was my first shoot on a nest site of snowy owls and most of…

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Dusk brings the blue light that is so beautiful to shoot in. Behind home plate. Lumix GM1 with 12-35mm lens. ISO 640

The Lumix Diaries Takes in Minnesota Twins Baseball

The Lumix Diaries takes in Minnesota Twins Baseball. Yesterday afternoon I was taking a nap at my sister’s place in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. My wife Tanya comes in and says, “hey hon, Doug has eight tickets to the Twins for tonight. They’re playing the White Sox. We’re going to see…

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Te new Panasonic Lumix FZ-1000 all in one Bridge Camera.

Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 All-in-One Camera

The Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 is Panasonic’s newest release into the world of digital photography. The FZ1000 is what’s referred to as a Bridge Camera, a term used to describe the gap that exists between the all-in-one point and shoot and the more sophisticated interchangeable lens cameras like the GH4. I’m typically not…

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