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Cuba Photo Questions From Jeanne Sturgis

The Canon 600mm F/4 with photographer attached is on the left. On the right is me shooting the Lumix GH3 with a 100-300mm F/4-5.6 lens. In the Micro Four thirds world all lenses are multiplied 2x so the Lumix 100-300 is actually equivalent to a 200-600mm lens. The same long magnification as the massive Canon lens.

One Year Testing the Panasonic Lumix GH3

I’ve had one year testing the Panasonic Lumix GH3, which all began with the Blog entry, Testing the Panasonic GH3, during a shoot in Kenya, Africa. Overall, during that first review, I came away feeling the GH3 was quite impressive, especially when you take into consideration it’s reasonable price, superbly appealing size and weight…

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Click on the D600 image above to be taken to the official Nikon Service Advisory web page that explains the program. It's a great deal and very easy to get it taken care of. Nikon even pay for shipping to and from. Very positive for those who have been effected. Nice job Nikon.

Nikon Stands Behind Their D600 by Offering Free Repairs

Nikon stands behind their D600 by offering free repairs for all those who want one. Seems many folks have experienced issues with their D600 cameras producing an unusual amount of dust and even oil spots on the cameras sensor. This was a big issue for many and in fact, Nikon…

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Dan goes for little camera big picture, shooting the Lumix GH3 surrounded by much larger cameras.

Olympus, “Our reason to exist is to push the envelope”. I love that attitude!

DPReview recently interviewed Mr. Hirofumi Imano, Division Manager of Product Strategy at Olympus, at the recent C+ 2014 show in Japan. I’m a huge fan of what Olympus is doing, though I’m not as excited about their camera’s ergonomics and ease of use. However, you can’t argue with their quality optics…

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Delta Credit Cards to Ditch Foreign Transaction Fees

Many travel-rewards cards have gotten the message: Savvy travelers don’t want to be dinged for foreign-transaction fees of up to 3 percent. It’s a gouge, and travelers know it. So there are now cards available from American Express, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, Citi, and so on that boast…

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The Olympus Om-D with black and silver version of the 25mm F/1.8

Micro 4/3′s Lenses Sharper than Full Frame Lenses? You Decide

There’s quite an interesting discussion ragging over on one of my favorite web sites DPReview regarding the sharpness of Micro Four Thirds lenses compared to some very famous Full Frame Canon’s Nikon’s, Leica’s and other world famous optics. It an interesting read having been reported by I’m a little…

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Question from Sally Waller

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 8.05.35 AM

Panasonic GH4- Full Specs & Breakdown by Gear Addix

Panasoinc GH4 – Full Specs and Breakdown by Gear Addix is a nicely produced video that shows many of the new features. The pretty lady who presents it has to talk fast to get it all in but she does an admirable job. I’ve been looking for a PDF of…

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