Nikon D5100 Auto Focus Test

My little buddy and godson who's all business in these photographs. He even commented to me, "Gosh I don't look very happy in these pictures," but I an assure you he was. He was down for a five day visit in Florida and part of the fun was surfing lessons. Anyway, the D5100 tracked this situation almost perfectly. Many people test AF cameras with subjects that are moving horizontally to the plain of the camera. Virtually any AF system should be able to handle that. You want to shoot things coming at you when you are really testing AF capabilities. A jet ski moves rather quickly so this was a good test. All told it collected just over 54% perfectly focused images and the others were very close. A few so close many people might decide to use them. Not me. It has to be sharp or it's out! Remember you should always look at AF accuracy at 100% on your computer screen. Anything less and you could have out of focus images. If it's sharp at 100% you can make prints the size of a billboard with stunning detail and sharpness. Always check your images at 100%. Finally, right next to the image number is a rating number of either -1 or 0. The 0 is a sharp image. The -1 is out of focus.
D312117 | 0
D312118 | 0
D312119 | -1
D312120 | -1
D312121 | 0
D312122 | -1
D312123 | 0
D312124 | -1
D312125 | -1
D312126 | 0
D312127 | 0
D312128 | -1
D312129 | 0
D312130 | -1
D312131 | -1
D312132 | 0
D312133 | -1
D312134 | 0
D312135 | 0
D312136 | 0
D312137 | 0
D312138 | -1
D312139 | -1
D312140 | 0
D312141 | 0
D312142 | 0
D312143 | 0
D312144 | -1
D312145 | 0
D312146 | 0
D312147 | 0
D312148 | 0
D312149 | 0
D312150 | -1
D312151 | -1
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